Flower Horizon

Flowers, with their multi-colored and fragrant existence, embody all the gifts nature can offer to us. Flowers reflect all the magnificence of nature; they represent serenity, delicacy and harmony evoking the deepest emotions in humans.

Humanity has always had an instinctive attraction to flora and fauna. The various shapes, patterns, colors shades and flower fragrances have fascinated people since prehistoric times. History shows that flowers have always been an important part of human life, providing inspiration for art, decoration, communication and social entertainment. Throughout their role in social development and interaction, flowers have played an essential part in the development of human civilization.

Flowers give the viewer immediate pleasure. By their magic, they attract, communicate and make us happy like nothing else. The gift of flowers has been used to reveal profound feelings since prehistoric times. Flowers used to be special offerings to the Gods and Goddesses, and they are still part of religious customs of many cultures around the world. For centuries, flowers have been awarded to winners as victory wreaths, and as nature’s most stunning creation they have been given as a gesture of affection.

Today, flowers are used for many occasions to convey the message of love and respect, as well as for simple enjoyment as decoration. When given as gifts, flowers always have right attributes associated with them, such as mutual respect, affection and desire for strengthening existing ties. Giving flowers is involved in so many events in our lives, not only for expressing feelings, but also to offer consolation, hope or even a healing touch.

The charm of flower-gifts ranges from countryside bunches to carefully designed flower arrangements. With their elegance and aristocracy, flowers constantly offer new opportunities for experimentation in floral design, challenging the creative mind to play with colors shapes and patterns.